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Gorkha  School : Respecting the Contributions

२०७६ पुष ५, शनिबार

The Anglo-Nepal war of 1814-16 was a ground breaking point in the Gorkha history of Nepal. Though for the East India British it was a victory with no high significance but perhaps for the British in London it was a very time breaking step in establishing one of the most enduring relationships related by the events of a “War”. The “Gurkha” Nepal established diplomatic relations with the British in 1816. The power source of then ruling India was the British East India Company. The United Kingdom is the first nation in the world that Nepal established her first diplomatic relations with.

The service of the Gurkhas that started in the British East India from 1815 continued unendingly till 1947 . After India’s independence the same continued towards Britain and with new India, perhaps with more virgour and necessity due to many reasons and the new geo-political conditions.

As a reliable source of non-aligned martial race soldiers and to increase the effectives of its military might, the ” Hindu Gurkha” as then classified became a significant and very reliable factor for the British to maintain its status quo in the subcontinent and relations with the government of Gorkha Nepal. As such to show its commitment towards the welfare of the ” Gurkha Soldiers” the then British in India established educational institutions like the Gorkha Military School of Dehra Dun, being one of them.

This School in Dehra-Dun was established primarily for the education of the children of the Gorkhas then serving and retired from the British Indian Army. This highly bold step taken by the British for the overall benefit and development of the Gorkhas has left a huge impact in the relationship between the then two countries to a never ending sense of positivity and good relations till today. This Gorkha school in Dehra- Dun is now called ” The Gorkha Military Inter- College” in India.

After Indian independence in 1947 this school has continued to progress and is still in running condition and trying hard to maintain its status quo.

The Government of India’s support has been significant in helping run this establishment of the “Gorkhas”. The Gorkha rifles and regiments that opted to stay with Indian Army in 1947 still form a place of respect, pride, dignity and loyalty in the huge and modern Indian Army. To maintain this legacy the Indian central government and the state government of Uttarakhand is absolutely morally and ethically bound to make sure that institutions like this do not vanish in the annals of time, thus depriving the Gorkhas their legitimate status in the chapters of modern India .More so, because the contribution of the Gorkhas after 1947 has been equally distinguished as loyal and sincere towards the betterment of India and the new surroundings it is developing and progressing towards

So there is no doubt that institutions like the Gorkha Military School in Dehra-Dun has been consistently and religiously supported by all the concerned parties, keeping in mind the past  history and the legacy it carries in tandem with  changing scenario of the present times. Also, the foundation of the unique and exemplary relationship that has existed between the present “Gorkhas” and the rest of India is solidly based on the goodwill created by the all round education imparted through institutions like the Gorkha Military School. It helps to bind and roots the Gorkhas emotionally, sentimentally, spiritually and psychologically to India. To protect  and  maintain  institutes like the “Gorkha Military School “not only shows the magnanimity of the positive feelings by the present day India but it also helps in making the Gorkhas living in India inculcate the feeling of attachment and helps build unrelenting allegiance towards India to greater heights.

Again , it needs to be asserted that for the Gorkhas, living in India, institutions like the “Gorkha Military School” is a reminder of the past that will help them to look to the future with equal dedication, zeal and integrity and connectivity.

It is an amazing fact to point that the relations between the Gorkhas and India is solidly based on the unending history of service, sacrifice, bravery and mutual respect for each other that binds them intrinsically and not on any politics or any other hidden agendas.

सम्बन्धित समाचार