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२०७६ फाल्गुन १८, आईतवार

MCC is an independent US foreign agency that is a leading institution in helping the third world developing countries. It provides grants to assist the countries to invest in many different development aspects like transportation, energy, health,  education and science and technology.

MCC is focusing especially on energy and transportation for obvious reasons.To make it reachable and accessible for the upliftment of the under privileged and the poor of the nations they sign the agreement with.

Agreements like MCC will open the immense potential that Nepal has not only as a tourists destination but also as a land of culture and spirituality that has maintained its own identity in this chaotic world scenario since its inception more than 250 years ago.A remarkable achievement given the circumstances prevailing then and now.

How many nations in the world can boast of this? How many people know about this? These are some of the unproclaimed  benefits that  Nepal can boast of and share with the world.

MCC will be a stepping stone to fling Nepal in the globally active world not only as a destination par excellence but also  lift it from a purely tourism point of view to a nation worth investing in safely as a trust worthy and dependable country that is a safe and secure multifaceted destination. After agreeing to this hugly world recognized signing, Nepal can truly be developed and marked as a country for all seasons. The benefits of which will be long term and all round the year and for our generations to come.

With unique platforms and sites like Everest base camp, Lumbini, world class National Parks. Pokhara, the amazing Rara and Janakpur Dham are the destinations to further encourage tourism in Nepal to its true potential .The absolute  large, medium or small scale benefits that will  accrue by  just taking this first step will be phenomenal as a trust worthy and dependable country that is safe and secure destination from tourism to hydro-power to others . The opportunity  is knocking on our door step. Lets grab it  and make Nepal a truly global destination for all the world to see and benefit from.This agreement will truly help Nepal be called the “Switzerland of the East”.

The opportunities and openings that such agreements offer is multifold and multibeneficial for Nepal to maintain its identity and sovereignty as a unique nation already famous for its many qualities like bravery, honesty, patience and dignified and dynamic, tolerant  people .Now we  will also be known for its “gumption”. The point to ponder is to take a bold step, a step that is calculated to evaluate the eventualities of the coming time and help us make a significant mark in uplifting Nepal as a sovereign, independent country that has her own unique culture and the eternal  belief system in the amalgamation of its spiritual values since the ancient times.

Lets get a bi-partisan view on such agreements and show that Nepal can make decisions that  will eventually benefit not only  Nepalis but the region and the  whole world. Further it will enhance the image of Nepal and the whole Nepali diaspora  as a future thinking, broad minded, and progress centered people  that have their own culture, heritage, social system and spirituality that blend like the hues of rainbow. This MCC approval will open Nepali’s arc of vision to a very broad 360o angle. As such exposing  us to a multi faceted world of a labyrinth of countries as vis-a- vis our own towards  the same, ultimately benefiting Nepal the most in present times and in the future too.


सम्बन्धित समाचार