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२०७६ कार्तिक २, शनिबार

The tag line of Nepal’s tourism arena ” Athite Devo Bhawa” is, visitor /guest is God is guise of man”. Our unique Nepali Sanatana culture describes our visitor/guest as God in the guise  of humans and taking care of them is ones purest dharma (righteous behavior). Our cultural values state that when we welcome our guests, there should never be any discrimination on the basis of colour, caste, state of the person’s status, follower of any path (religion), or gender. No country in the world has this moral ethic of welcoming guests anywhere on this planet earth.

Even the “Mahabharata”, one of the most religious scripture of Sanatana Hindu Dharma amplifies the importance of the right way to welcome guests. The “Artha Veda” highlights the importance of greeting guests and is equivalent to being in utmost service of the Gods.

Nepali culture and religion is full of examples and incidents from Ramayana, Manu Smriti, Upnishads and later stories of how guests/ visitors should be treated and well looked after to generate good karma in ones life for the present and coming future.

The Mahabharata goes even to the extent to state that if a visitor/ guest becomes angry or unsatisfied with your welcome your whole life’s good works will turn to nothing. Or in other words your spiritual and physical achievements in your present life will be nullified to zero.

So a country with this incredible background culture of hospitality that has been rolled down since ages should automatically and inherently make a tourist feel welcomed, comfortable and satisfied. But even, with its unique geo-political location, unique religious and spirituality, absolutely stunning natural beauty, incredible flora and fauna and a most amicable, tolerant and friendly people, why are we struggling to take advantage of these factors in helping Nepal boost itself economically to higher levels of progress?

There is no doubt about emphasizing on the importance of growing and growth of tourism all around  the world and how it impacts the economy of any nation, whether emerging powers economy, the developing or the underdeveloped ones. Modern tourism is also a form of education. It not only broadens your view of the world but also helps you to connect the world vis-à-vis your own country. Tourism provides an added window to our traditional approach to education and tourism transcends physical boundaries and religious parameters and educates us to be humans. Socially, culturally and economically tourism is educator, evaluator and equalizer of the humans living on this planet earth.

So lets celebrate” Visit Nepal Year” not only to achieve a target in numbers to host to our country but as an instrument to interact with people from all around the world. Let us learn, educate and emancipate the whole world and us through this event.


सम्बन्धित समाचार